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Anger Management Counseling Services

The Stress and Anger Management Institute of Oklahoma offers the following services:

Individual Counseling/Classes

When it comes to anger management, the popular approach to treatment is to attend classes. These classes are structured to provide education on the topic of anger to a large group of people. The advantage of this format is that those who struggle with similar issues are grouped together. It can be time efficient as the same information is received by more people in the same time-period. The disadvantage is that the individual needs of each participant are not addressed. Receiving information about anger and coping skills does not automatically result in personal changes. So please know that by simply attending classes on anger will not change someone or resolve their anger problems.

Since anger management services are an investment one makes in their emotional wellbeing, my goal is to provide clients the possibility to actually make those needed changes and resolve the underlying issues that are linked to their anger problems. Therefore, my individual classes offer personalized, one-on-one sessions that are tailored to address the specific needs of each client.

My services combine education with individual counseling. Through education, the client will learn what happens to them when they get angry. The next step focuses on teaching them the skills to manage their anger, underlying emotions, and stressful life circumstances. Since change requires new behaviors to be practiced, I recommend that clients practice the new skills in between sessions through various assignments. This helps them develop healthy habits, and become active participants in their own change.

Who Can Benefit from this Format?

  1. Clients who are private in nature and do not feel comfortable with the group format.
  2. Clients who benefit from attending individual sessions than groups.
  3. Clients who need privacy and confidentiality due to their career, jobs, or social position.
  4. Clients who require flexible schedules. I can schedule appointments based on client’s time availability. I do not abide by pre-established schedule that most group classes offer.
  5. Clients who need to complete anger management counseling by a fast-approaching deadline. Some clients are pressured by time to complete their anger management.
  6. Clients who have been charged with an offense in another state and need to complete an anger management course according to the restrictions of that state. My certification is recognized in all 50 states.

Scheduling an Appointment

Each individual session lasts 50-minutes long and the fee is $150 per session.

In order to reserve an appointment a valid credit or debit card is required. Pre-paid cards are not accepted. The client will not be charged in advance, as the payment is due at the end of each session. Payment options accepted include cash, check, and credit or debit card.

Download Blank Counseling Forms, Print, Fill-Out. [PDF]

Insurance companies do not cover anger management services.

Each client will receive a text reminder two days prior to their scheduled appointment. The client must respond to the text reminder by confirming, cancelling, or rescheduling the appointment the day they received the reminder the latest by 8 PM. If the client does not respond to this text-reminder, it is assumed that the client has cancelled the appointment and they will be financially responsible for the booked appointment.

How many sessions are needed? The answer to this question varies depending on the needs of each client. For clients who want to attend anger management for personal growth and self-improvement, I do not have a requirement in terms of how many sessions they need to attend. On average, clients who are motivated and ready to change, they will experience significant improvement in three to four sessions. At that point, some clients voluntarily terminate counseling and return when needed, or they continue on a monthly basis until they feel comfortable to completely let go of the support of therapy.

For clients who are court ordered, 6 anger management counseling sessions are required to receive a Certificate of Completion. There can be exceptions. Some clients are court mandated to attend 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year of anger management. In these cases, the requirement of the court order has to be followed.