Anger Management Assessments

Download Blank Assessment Forms, Print, Fill-Out. [PDF]

Anger Assessment

If you have been ordered by the court, or recommended by your spouse or an attorney to receive an anger management assessment, please read the following information about this service, which I can provide.

The assessment takes on average 90 minutes to complete. The fee is $250. It consists of two parts: a self-reported questionnaire (which takes between 15 to 30 minutes), and a clinical interview (one hour).

After the assessment is completed, the results are analyzed and a formal statement will be provided to the client along with recommendations. This process takes seven days to complete.

In order to make an appointment for an assessment, the payment is due when the assessment is scheduled. If the person misses the scheduled appointment and wants to reschedule the assessment, the client is expected to pay the $250 fee again.